Mite Count Instructions

Mite Count Instructions:

Participate in our mite count citizen science project by submitting your data! The published data will not identify individual participants.


  • Mite counts should be collected using the alcohol wash method. Watch the above video demonstration for instructions on using the alcohol wash method.

  • Enter your data including location, and the number of Varroa mites counted from each hive. Mite loads should be calculated and entered as # mites/100 bees for each individual colony you test.

  • It is best for your bees to check your mite levels every month.


  • You can make an alcohol wash jar at home using a mason jar and #8 hardware cloth!
  • Due to potential shortage of isopropyl alcohol caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, winter-grade windshield wiper fluid (methyl hydrate) may work as a substitute.